SSC Result 2018 – SSC Result 2018 Online, SMS, EIIN

SSC Result 2018 in Bangladesh. Get SSC Result 2018 Education Board Bangladesh all requires information. Dear user, If you want to know details about the SSC Exam Result 2018 under Education Board Bangladesh, Just Read the Whole Article by spending your Valuable time. Here we have added all the Data like SSC Result 2018 Publish date, Check Online, Mark sheet Download, and all other Activities. Why so late? Just read the below data and Check Your SSC Result 2018 Fast. SSC Full meaning is Secondary School certificate. It is the Largest number of Public Exam in Bangladesh. After completing Class 9 & Class 10 studies, students attend on SSC Exam. Education Board Bangladesh Arrange the Examination.

There are 10 Education Boards available who arrange SSC & Equivalent Exam. We named this post: SSC Result 2018. The page title of this post is same. So, in this post, we are going to describe all details about SSC Exam Result. Before Reading, you need to know What’s kinds of Information we are providing in this post. Let’s know it. We provide All Education Board Fast Result check system. SSC Result 2018 with Full Marksheet Download Process is also available. The best opportunities are Online, Mobile SMS & Android App based Result check all information you will get in this post.

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SSC Result 2018:

SSC Result 2018 is now a trending Topic in Bangladesh. Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Exam has started on 1st February 2018 and Completed on 24 February 2018. Practical Exam finished after completing the Theory Exam on 24 February 2018. After whole month Exam, the Examine and Guardians are feeling excited about their Result. So, the SSC Result 2018 is very Important to them. There are too many queries available according to SSC Result 2018. These are Result publish date, Result publish time, Result check system. Some more queries are also available for the issue.

An Examine attends on SSC Examine after completing Class 10 Studies. They study 5 years in Secondary School. Finally, attend the SSC Exam & prove themselves educated. After passing SSC Examine, they are ready to admit to higher studies. Only 2 Months vacation available for SSC Examine. So, as an SSC Examine or as a guardian, you can read the below information. It will help you understand the Result & result relation all solution’s.

SSC Exam Result 2018:

What do you know about SSC Exam Result 2018? Do you have any question about this? We are here to give you clear solution’s. SSC Exam is the largest number of Public Exam in Bangladesh. Too many students attend this Examination. The Exam is powered and controlled by Education Board of Bangladesh. There are 1o Education Board available in Bangladesh. Eight General Education Board provides SSC Result 2018 (General Education). A Technical Education Board Provides SSC Vocational Result 2018 and A Madrasah Education Board provides Dakhil Result 2018. All of these Results are equivalent.

All of the SSC & Equivalent Result will publish at the same time. The people are waiting to Check SSC Exam Result 2018, they will get their Result right time in this post. We will publish the SSC Exam Result same time in this post. We publish mean we will use the Result check script in this post. So, the Examine or Guardian will get their Result without leaving this post. All another system like Mobile SMS and Android System is also available in this post. So, the people will get their SSC Exam Result with these methods.

Official Website Address

SSC Vocational Result 2018

SSC Result 2018 BD:

SSC Result 2018 BD will available here after publishing the Result officially. When will the SSC Result 2018 BD publish? You will get the answer in this post. Every Year SSC Exam starts on February First Week and continue till last Week of February. After a whole month Exam, Examine and guardian are waiting for their Result. Last Year SSC Exam Result has published on 4th May. We hope this year Result will also publish on the First week of May. After publishing the result, You will get it from Online, Android App and Mobile SMS. All the system will publish the Result same time after publishing. Online and Android App based SSC Result 2018 BD can check Free. but, When you will try to check your Result by SMS, you will be charged 2.44 TK.

If you have an Internet Device, you can use that to check your Result from Online. Android Smartphone users can check their Result by Installing BD Results Official Android App. We have added details data in the below. we hope you will get installation guide and Result check system from these sections. if you don’t have any one of these, You can still check your Result from your normal Mobile Phone. Mobile SMS system is for you. You can follow Mobile SMS system to check your SSC Result 2018 BD.

SSC Result 2018 Bangladesh:

SSC Result 2018 Bangladesh carry the signal of SSC Result 2018 in Bangladesh. SSC Exam is a public Exam in Bangladesh and nearest country of India. So, when a user searches for SSC Result or SSC Result 2018 in Google, they show Some Indian Website & some Bangladeshi Website. So, it is a common matter that Bangladesh Result & Result related information won’t available on Indian Website. But the people who will Visit Indian website, won’t get their Result. According to this reason, we are correcting people. So, the Bangladeshi people can use SSC Result 2018 Bangladesh or SSC Result BD to Get Bangladeshi Website’s in the top search result. Probably, Education Board Bangladesh official Website will avail on the top section.

You can also Visit other Website which about SSC Result Bangladesh. These will help you understanding SSC Result 2018 related all updates. If you are here for checking SSC Result Bangladesh, you will get it on here. If you have visited this Post before publishing the Result, you can follow these instructions. First Visit Google Bangladesh Search Engine from your Internet Browser. Then Search SSC Result 2018. We hope that you will see the Bangladeshi Website in the Search result. So, you will get your SSC Result Bangladesh very fast without any disappointed.

When SSC Exam Result 2018 Publish?

Most of the Online Education Board wrote that the SSC Exam Result will publish on the First Week of May 2018. Recently, the Ministry of Education has confirmed that the SSC Result will publish in April 2018. So, probably the SSC Exam Result will publish in the last week of April 2018. When the Exact date will announce, you will get the date from the below. You will also get the SSC Exam Result Publish date on the different online News portal, Print media, Television and others online media. You will also get the updates on this blog.

SSC Result 2018 Publish Date:

It is a popular Question which asked people that When will the SSC Exam Result 2018 publish? Generally, The Education Board Result Publish after 2 Months of completing Exam. The SSC Result 2018 will also publish after 60th Days after completing the exam. Just count 2 Months and find out the Result Publish date. But, The Education Board Bangladesh and Ministry of Education (Moedu) Announce the Exam Result Publish date before more than 1 Weeks. If you are an SSC Examinee 2018 under Education Board Bangladesh, just wait until the Announce Release by Education Board Bangladesh or ministry of education.

SSC Result 2018 Publish Date: 6 May 2018

When the result publish date will Release, We will inform you soon via this post. Last year, SSC Result published on 4th May. We count it as the First week of May. So, this year Result will also publish on the last week of April 2018 1st Week of May 2018. While the result will publish online, you will get it from online. Mobile SMS and Android App system is also recommended.

SSC Result 2018 Publish Time:

When will the SSC Result Publish? Every people knows that SSC Result 2018 will publish on 06 May 2018. But, they don’t know the Time of SSC Result 2018. Some people know the time but maximum’s are not. So, check the details information about the Result Publish time from the below.

How to check SSC Result 2018 Fast?

The SSC Examinee 2018 and the other People who want to check their SSC Result 2018 under Education Board Bangladesh can Check their Result fast and Free from Various Systems. If you are one of them, Just follow the conditions and try to Check Your Result Very fast. We have added all the available system according to Check Education Board Result. You can follow Online, SMS and Android App to check your SSC Result 2018. The Details Information is available here. Just Read the details info on the below and Check your Result fast.

Every people are ready to check their result. People like to check Result fast from Online. It’s one of the most popular systems in the world. In this modern world, people live the digital lifestyle. So, Online & Android App is popular and recommended the system for digital people. The people who don’t have a Smart Device, they can check their Result from Mobile SMS system. It is available with the simple system. It can do from any Mobile Phone. So, check the below System and check your SSC Result 2018 Fast.

How to get SSC Result 2018 via Internet Website?

Internet and Website are the popular systems for check SSC Result. Education Board Bangladesh Official Website provides SSC Exam Result 2018 through the Internet. While you will visit from your internet browser, you will see the updates of SSC Result. Just see the top section of Result portal. It will show a read message that the SSC Result 2018 will publish at 02:00 PM (or same). It means the SSC Result hasn’t published yet. So, wait sometimes and try again at the requested time. Just keep ready your necessary information for checking the Result. Your Roll Number, Registration Number, and Board name. That’s enough and sufficient for checking SSC Result 2018 from Education Board Bangladesh official website.

SSC Result 2018 Check Online:

A large Number of people check Their SSC Result 2018 and other Public Exam Result of BD from the Internet. It is the best way for checking Public Exam Result Fast and Free! If you want to check your result, we highly recommend you to check the Result from online via Education Board Bangladesh Official Website. First, Visit the Education Board Bangladesh Result Archive by clicking the link

Then follow the result check instruction. After clicking the link Select Examination as SSC/Dakhil. Then Select Your Education Board Name, SSC Passing Year as 2018 and then Enter Your SSC Roll & Registration Number. Then Click on the Submit Button to Check Your Result. is also an official Result check portal of Education Board of Bangladesh. It starts operation in 2016. Currently, it is popular that Education Board old official Website. Currently, provides Individual Result, Institution Result, District Result, Center Result and Result analysis.

Result with Full Marksheet is the main attraction of People can check their SSC Result 2018 with Full Mark Sheet from this portal. Just Visit the Website. Then click SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result. Then select Examination, Board< Year. The result type is Individual. Type your SSC Roll & Registration Number. Then type Security key and click get the result. You can read details from the below section (SSC Result 2018 Full Marksheet Download).

SSC Result 2018 by SMS:

SSC Result 2018 check by Mobile SMS. The Examine can also Check their SSC Exam Result by Mobile SMS. This Process is also Very Easy. Anyone can do this. Just You need to have sufficient Balance in your Mobile Account for sending the Message to Check SSC Result 2018. So, First, Recharge Your Account. Then, follow the below SMS Rules (Format) to Check your SSC Result.

SSC <space>1st Three Letters of Board Name <space> SSC Roll <space> 2018

Then send the message to 16222. The Examine or their Guardians Require to Send the Message after Publishing The Result Officially after 2 PM.  One SMS is Enough to Check the One Result. While you will send the Message to the Teletalk Education Server, It will Reply you back with Your Result. Every Sending Message, The user will be Charge 2 TK+Taxes (Total BDT 2.44). Please be noted that Type Education Board First Three Letter Carefully. We hope you have known your Education Board First Three Letters. If it is unknown to you, you will get it now from the below:

First Three Letters

Education Board Name
DHA Dhaka Education Board
RAJ Rajshahi Education Board
DIN Dinajpur Education Board
CHI Chittagong Education Board
JES Jessore Education Board
BAR Barisal Education Board
SYL Sylhet Education Board
COM Comilla Education Board
MAD Madrasah Education Board
TEC/BTE Technical Education Board

Just use the above Shortcode (First Three Letters) of Education Board. After type the Message on your phone, it will show the below:

SSC DHA 121212 2018

SSC DIN 404040 2018

Then send the Message to 16222. Here 121212, & 404040 is the Example of SSC Roll Number. You need replacing this with your Original SSC Roll 2018. Mobile SMS based SSC Result 2018 will available at the Same time of Online.

SSC Result 2018 by App – SSC Result Android App Download:

Do you know How to Check the SSC Result 2018 by Android App? A large Number of People don’t know how to Check the SSC Exam Result by Android Mobile App. But, It’s too much Important to know the Education Board Result Online Check Option. While you can’t Check Your Education Board Result Online or The incoming Message can’t come until too many times, These time, You can Check Your Result by Android App.

In here we have added all the data like SSC Result 2018 Android App Free Download (Apk), Result Result Android App Direct Install from the Google Play Store. The Education Board Bangladesh Official Results Cheek Portal have added the Android App Install/Download Link in the footer Section of the Result Check Page. Just Click on the Link from Your Android Mobile Phone and Install the App on your Device.

You can also Visit the Play store directly to Install the App. As an alternative way, You can use Google Search Technique to Install the BD Result Android App. After Successful Install, the App, open it after publishing the SSC Result 2018 by Education Board of Bangladesh. Then, Select Examination as SSC/Dakhil. Select Education Board Name, Enter Roll Number, Registration Number, Select 2018 as Passing Year and Click on the Submit Button to Check Your Result.

SSC Result 2018 by Teletalk:

SSC Result 2018 can be checked through Teletalk Mobile SMS System. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited manages the Education Service in Bangladesh with their service Number 16222. You may see the Number 16222 for any Result or Admission system in Bangladesh. As an SSC Candidates, you have passed the JSC Exam in 2015. So, You already have checked an Education Board result. The Mobile SMS Format of SSC Result 2018 by Teletalk and Online systems are same. How to check SSC Result 2018 by Teletalk? Most of the people are asking this question. So, we want to inform that, if you are ready, kindly collect a Teletalk prepaid SIM Card and insert it into your Phone. Then Recharge your Teletalk Mobile Account Balance. Then, follow our SMS System and then check your Result.

Web based Result publication System for Education Board:

Web Based Result Publication system for Education Board Bangladesh is a popular system. It publishes all Education Board Public Exam Result Online. All board Examine, guardian and other people can check their require Result easily from this portal. There are too many systems available to get Result from Web based Result portal. It publishes Result Individually, Institution Result, District Result and Center wise Result. A single people can also check their Result with various Process. As an Example, You are looking for SSC Result 2018. Your Education Board Name is Dhaka. Now You can easily Check your Result from Web based Result publication System. You will also get your Full Mark Sheet from this portal.

SSC Result 2018 Mark Sheet Download:

The SSC Examine 2018 under Education Board Bangladesh can Check their SSC Exam Result with Full Mark Sheet easily. If you want to Download your SSC Full Mark Sheet 2018 Instant when the SSC Result 2018 will Publish Officially. The Student under Any Education Board will be Eligible to Download their SSC Full Mark sheet easily with Examine Roll Number and Board Name.

Imagine, You want to Download the SSC Mark Sheet 2018 under Dhaka Education Board, You need to Enter your Roll Number and require to select the Education Board. The System is very easy and Anyone can do this. Here we have added the link to the below which will help you to Check Download Your SSC Full Mark Sheet 2018 Under Education Board Bangladesh Exact Time when the Result will Publish that means 2 PM. Follow the below Step by step guides. It will give your SSC Result 2018 with Full Mark Sheet.

  1. Visit
  2. Click SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalents Result
  3. Select SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent
  4. Select 2018
  5. Select your Board Name
  6. Select Individual Result
  7. Type your Roll Number
  8. Type your Registration Number
  9. Type Security key
  10. Click Get Result

Just Visit the above Link & follow to Download Your SSC Result 2018 Mark Sheet Officially. The Details Information has available in there. SSC Full Mark Sheet mean SSC Marks List in all Subject. Education Board basically publishes Result GPA based, Letter Grade Marksheet and Marks based Mark Sheet. Details result will help to understand about SSC Result Grading system.

SSC Marksheet 2018 Free Download:

All of the people can Download their SSC Mark Sheet 2018 Free from Online. eboardresults publish SSC Result with Details Mark Sheet. Please check the Mark Sheet spelling first. Some people search SSC Markshit 2018 on Google & other Search Engine. So, use correct word and download your SSC Mark Sheet 2018 free from Online. The Mark Sheet of SSC Result 2018 very important for the students who passed and also for the students didn’t pass. Both students can Apply for Result Re-Scrutiny to Recheck their Answer sheet. Last year, SSC Result has published with Details Marks. The SSC Candidates got their Result with Marks List. Theory (Creative or Written), Objective (MCQ) and Practical Marks added separately.

Institute Wise SSC Result 2018 by EIIN Number:

EIIN mean Educational Institute Identity Number. It’s a Unique number of an Education Institute. Every people are eligible to Check the SSC Result 2018 by EIIN Number. The system is called Institute wise SSC result. In this section, we are describing the benefits of Institution Result, Result check Process & Result Sheet Format. Head of the Institute can download his/her full Institute Result in a single page. So, the Institute wise SSC Result is important to Download Result faster.

Education Board Bangladesh added the system. It is now working fine. You can follow it easily. provides Institute wise SSC Result 2018. So, we are writing about this system. Do you know your School’s EIIN Number? Please keep it ready. If you don’t the EIIN Number, You can collect it from the Internet. You will get a list of Institute Name & EIIN on the Result Download page. So, follow the below information now:

  1. First Visit from any Internet browser.
  2. Click SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalents Result.
  3. Select SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent from Examination.
  4. Select 2018 from the year.
  5. Select your Education Board Name.
  6. Select Institution Result.
  7. Type your EIIN Number. (Advance Tips are available in the below).
  8. Type Security key in the Right side box.
  9. Click on Get Result.

Here are the Advance tips available. You have shown two links beside EIIN. One is Tree & another is List. Both links are carrying your EIIN Number. Just click on the anyone link from two. Imagine, you have clicked on Tree. You need to select your District Name. You will see the available District on your Education Board. Then click on your Thana/Upazilla Name. Then you will see your Institute Name & EIIN Number. In the same ways, you can collect your EIIN Number from List.

 SSC Result 2018 – Web Based Result Publication System for Education Board:

Web-based Result is very important to the people of Bangladesh. Education Board Publish public result on Education Board Website. We have already written details. We hope that you saw this on SSC Result 2018 Check Online Section. From Web-based Result publication system, you will get your SSC & Equivalent Results 2018 faster. The people can also check details result. We are highlighting SSC Result 2018 in this post. Please recheck the Result publish date & Time. Then, You need to visit the Official Website of Education Board Bangladesh. Then follow step by step guides. Type your SSC Roll Number, Registration Number, Education Board Name carefully. Finally, submit the info & get your result.

SSC Result 2018 Dhaka Board with Full Marksheet:

Dhaka Education Board SSC Exam Result 2018 can check through Online, SMS & App. The People can check their Result easily. When the SSC Result will publish, Dhaka Board Result will also publish on the same times. No extra information needs for Dhaka Board Result. If you are an SSC Candidate of Dhaka Board, you can now check your you. If you are ready to check your Result from Online, you can check it from two web portals. One is Education Board Bangladesh Official Website. Another is Here we are giving you step by step guides for checking your SSC Result 2018 Dhaka Education Board with Full Mark Sheet.

Visit and click on SSC/HSC/JSC/Equivalent Result. Then Select SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent from Examination. Select 2018 from Year. Select Dhaka from Education Board Name. Then select Individual from Result type. Then, type your SSC Roll Number & Registration Number. Finally, type the Security code and click on the Get Result. You will show your Full Mark Sheet on the Screen. You can Print it by clicking on the Print menu.

SSC Result 2018 Dhaka Board by Mobile SMS

You are also eligible to check Dhaka Education Board SSC Result 2018 by Mobile SMS. It is also a popular system. Most of the people follow this process to check their Result. So, you may also like to follow Mobile SMS system to check your Dhaka Board Result. First, wait for publishing the Result online. If the Result has published, you can now send the message. So, type the below Message Now.

SSC <space> DHA <space> Roll <space> 2018

After typing, send the message to 16222. You will receive your Dhaka Education Board Result on your Mobile Inbox. Standard SMS Charge will apply. Here are the listed Districts under Dhaka Education Board. You will get these Board SSC Result under Dhaka Board.

Dhaka * Dhaka Mahanagar * Faridpur * Gazipur * Gopalganj * Jamalpur * Kishoreganj *Madaripur * Manikganj * Munshiganj * Mymensingh * Narayanganj * Narsingdi * Netrokona * Rajbari * Shariatpur * Sherpur * Tangail

SSC Result 2018 Rajshahi Board with Full Marksheet:

Rajshahi Board SSC Examine can check their SSC Result 2018 easily from Online. They can also use their Mobile Phone to check the Result by SMS. Both systems are popular. To check Rajshahi Education Board SSC Exam Result Online, you need to wait until publishing the Result officially. During the Result publish time, Rajshahi Board official Website may take Down. So, you need to check your Result from Education Board Bangladesh Official Website. But, The Result with Details Marksheet will available on

You can also Check your Rajshahi Education Board SSC Result by Mobile SMS. It is also very easy. There is an official Mobile SMS System available for Rajshahi Board. You need to send a message. When the Result will publish, you need to send the message. So, open the message App and type the below details:

SSC <space> RAJ <space> Roll <space> 2018

Now, send the message to 16222. You can send the message from any operator number. SMS Charge of TK 2 will be deducted from your Account. You will receive Rajshahi Board Result on the Mobile Inbox. So, use your Personal Mobile Number & Personal Mobile. Rajshahi Board will publish these Districts SSC Result:

Bogra * Joypurhat * Naogaon * Natore * Nawabganj * Pabna * Rajshahi * Sirajganj

SSC Result 2018 Chittagong Board with Full Marksheet:

SSC Result 2018 Chittagong Board can check through Online. It is very easy to Download SSC Mark Sheet 2018 of Chittagong Board. Chittagong Board SSC Examine and their Relative are feeling excited to check the result. Result Publish time is very important to the people. Most of the people face problem for this issue. So, we are here to help these people. They will get their Result & Result related all updates. For checking the SSC Result 2018 of Chittagong Education Board through Online, please follow the below instruction. Visit the official Website of Education Board Bangladesh. Then, Select Examination Name. Select 2018 as passing Year of SSC. Select Chittagong as your Education Board Name. Type your SSC Roll Number & Registration Number. We hope that you will get the Result soon.

Chittagong Board SSC Result 2018 by Mobile SMS

Chittagong Board SSC Result can also check from Mobile Phone. Smartphone users can check their SSC Result through Android App. Other Mobile users can send a message to get their SSC result. Android App based Chittagong Board Result can check Free. Mobile SMS service charge is 2 TK (Excluding Taxes). To check the SSC Exam Result 2018 by SMS system, follow the official Mobile SMS system of SSC Result 2018 Chittagong Board. It is powered by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.

SSC <space> CHI <space> Roll <space> 2018

SMS Receiver Number is 16222. Imagine, you SSC Roll Number is 203512; Now you want to check your Result from Mobile SMS. Just, type the below Text in your New message area and then send the message t0 16222.

SSC CHI 203512 2018

After sending the message, you will receive your Result early. Maximum times, the user receives the incoming message within 1-2 Minutes. Sometimes, it takes some long time. So, send the message faster to receive the result faster. Chittagong Board will publish the below district SSC Result 2018:

Bandarban * Chittagong * Coxs Bazar * Khagrachhari * Rangamati

SSC Result 2018 Jessore Board with Full Marksheet:

Jessore Board SSC Full Mark Sheet 2018 will publish on Jessore Board Official Website Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board publish the result in the Advance system. All the Students are waiting to check their Result. Now we are showing you the best ways of SSC Result 2018 Jessore Board. Jessore Board SSC Result & Result result relates all updates are available. The SSC Examine under Jessore Board will get their Result from the internet Website. They can also check their Full Mark Sheet from Android App. but, they can still check the Result by SMS. It won’t provide Details Mark Sheet. So, we recommend you to visit Education Board Bangladesh official result Archive. Jessore Education Board will also publish SSC Result 2018 on their Official Website. The examine, Guardians and all other people can check SSC Result of Jessore Education from the Jessore Board Website.

Jessore Board SSC Result 2018 by SMS

If you want, you can still check your Jessore Education Board Result by SMS. Here we are providing official Mobile SMS format for you. According to check the SSC Result 2018, we are currently providing SSC Result check Mobile SMS Format. Just open the Message option from your Mobile Phone. Then, type the below details:

SSC <space> JES <space> Roll <space> 2018

Then, send the message successfully to 16222. After sending the Message, BDT 2.44 will be charged from your Account balance directly as SMS Charge. Then, you will receive your Result by an SMS from 16222. You will get your Name, GPA and Letter grade Mark Sheet from Mobile SMS. Details Result will available online Website only. So, try to check your Result from the Internet. For any Inconvenience, you can call Jessore Education Board contact Number. We hope you will get a response from the Authority.

SSC Result 2018 Barisal Board Mark Sheet Download: is the Official Website of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Barisal. This Board has started its operation in 1999. Barisal Education Board serves Education Service on Barisal Division. It manages Junior School Certificate (JSC), Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher School Certificate (HSC). What process needs to complete for Downloading Barisal Board SSC Mark Sheet 2018? Many of SSC Candidates asked this to us. They are advance in Technology but don’t understand about this issue. It is a common matter.

Barisal Education Board will publish their Internal Board (Barisal Board only) SSC Result with Details Mark Sheet on their Own Education Board. Education Board BD official Results will also publish Barisal Board SSC Mark Sheet 2018. Once upon a time, SSC Result published by Division Grade only. After a long time, It changed to Letter grade. Now, All Board Result publishes via GPA (Grade Point Average). Day by day systems is updating. Now, all Examine can check their Subject wise Marks. They will get Their Theory Marks, Objective Marks (MCQ) & Practical Marks (If available).

Barisal Board SSC Result 2018 Official SMS Format

At First, Go to the Message option from your Mobile Phone. Then go to new message or Create New Message or Compose option. Then type this Message:

SSC <space> BAR <space> Roll <space> 2018

Here, Roll means your 6 digits of SSC Roll Number. Imagine, your SSC Roll Number is 231256. Now, your SMS will be shown like: SSC BAR 231256 2018. Finally, send the message to 16222 and get your Result via SMS.

SSC Result 2018 Dinajpur Board with Full Mark Sheet:

Dinajpur Education Board is the only Education Board in North Bengal. It’s situated in Dinajpur District in Rangpur Division. Dinajpur is a District nearest Nilphamari, Thakurgoan and Joypurhat. Dinajpur Education Board Serve Education Service on Rangpur division only. So, the people of Rangpur, Dinajpur, Nilphamari, Thakurgoan, Panchagarh, Lalmonirhat & Kurigram will get their SSC Result 2018 under Dinajpur Education Board. In this post, we are describing all available system & process for checking Dinajpur Education Board Result 2018.

In the heading, we used SSC Result 2018 Dinajpur Board with Full Mark Sheet. So, It’s valid for Individual Result. While an Examine will check their Result Individually, they will get their Result with Number base Result (Full Mark Sheet). It is fully free. Please collect SSC Roll Number and Registration number to check the Result Individually. You can also check your Dinajpur Board SSC Result 2018 without Registration Number. This system is also very easy. Just visit and check the Result by entering SSC Roll Number only. Here, your Board name is Dinajpur, Examination Name SSC/Dakhil and Year is 2018.

SSC Result 2018 Dinajpur Board by SMS

Dinajpur Board provides their Result via Mobile SMS. Many people like this system. Most of the people under some district of Dinajpur Education Board are poor. They don’t have any Result check device. So, they can follow this system and easily complete this with their Mobile Phone (Any Mobile).

SSC <space> DIN <space> Roll <space> 2018

Just type your Message with same and send it to 16222. After typing your Message, you will show it like:

SSC DIN 123456 2018

Here, 123456 is a Roll Number (Example only). You can Replace the Roll with your Current Roll Number. After sending the message correctly, you will receive the Result soon.

Comilla Board SSC Result 2018 Full Mark Sheet Download:

Now we are describing Comilla Education Board and it’s Result check System. Comilla Board chairman Prof.  Ruhul Amin didn’t develop their Website till now. So, Comilla Board Internal SSC Result 2018 or Other Result won’t publish their Result on the Website. So, the people (Examine or Guardians) can’t check the Result. Now, follow an alternative process of Comilla Board SSC Result Marksheet 2018. In past, Our Writer wrote details about SSC Mark Sheet. Please read this section again to download the Mark Sheet.

The user can also send a message to get the Result. There is an Official Mobile SMS system available to check Comilla Board SSC Result 2018. SMS charge is 2.44 TK. Any Mobile Phone can use to send a message to SSC Result 2018. So, follow the below SMS Format Now:

SSC <space> COM <space> SSC Roll <space> Year

If your SSC Roll is 405520, You need to type: SSC COM 405520 2018 and then send the message to 16222. You can replace your Roll Number is this Example Message and send it to 162222. Your Comilla Board SSC Exam Result will deliver you with an SMS very soon.

SSC Result 2018 Sylhet Board Online:

What is the best system for checking SSC Result 2018 of Sylhet Education Board Bangladesh? The maximum number of SSC Candidates of Sylhet Board don’t know their SSC Result Checking systems. You may happy to know that, Sylhet Board will publish the Result on their official Website. So, the people will get their Result directly by Visiting Sylhet Education Board Official Website. It’s fully Free to check SSC Result of Sylhet Board from Online with details Marks. So, Visit now Sylhet Board Website at and then check your Result. You can also check the Result easily by Mobile SMS same time when the Result will be published at Online.

Sylhet Board SSC Result 2018 by SMS:

Sylhet Education Board Publish their SSC Result by SMS. If you are an SSC Candidates 2018 and want to check your Sylhet Board Result by SMS, Please follow the step by step guides now. These data are very important to you. We hope the people will follow our guideline, He or She will get their Result early & fast from the other people. Now, open your Mobile Message option and type the below SMS Format.

SSC <space> SYL <space> Roll <space> 2018

Then, send it to 16222 from any Mobile (Any Operator Number). Mobile SMS Charge for SSC Result check is 2.44 TK (Including All Taxes). Imagine, your SSC Roll Number is 531940, you want to check your SSC Result by SMS. So, type: SSC SYL 531940 2018 and then send the message to 16222. We hope, you will receive the result soon. If you send the message faster, your Result will be delivered faster.


This is the last session of the Post about SSC Result 2018 of Bangladesh Education Board. We wrote this post for our valuable visitor. We hope all of our visitors have checked their Result successfully. Do you have any question or need help? Please feel free to ask the question in the below comment box. One of our Admin will reply you back Shortly. Have a Good Journey for Higher Education.